Medical Business -2013

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Medical Business -2013

Medical Business -2013

Medical Business -2013

The annual conference “Medical business-2013” will take place in Novosibirsk on May 24th. The Conference is aimed at representatives of private medical service branch. The meeting is traditionally set within the framework of «Siberian Fair» business program.
The program consists of “5 P” – five important question of private medical top-management.

Conference sections:

Pulse of market
Questions of medical business strategy
How to work in new legislation conditions?
Is it necessary to Siberian clinics to cooperate in a Self-regulated Organization?
The private clinics in a system of compulsory hospital insurance: the pros and cons
Are there vacant niches on the medical market?

Child’s medicine: how to work with these clients category
The clinic choice: what kind of rules do private and corporative clients follow
Confidentiality principles: how to overcome information leakage
What is the picture of a doctor to a patient

Added service: treatment referral to foreign clinics
How to build a mutual partnership with an insurance company
Up-to-date technologies for competitiveness rise

Personnel market of public health care service: demand and supply correlation
Education problems
Doctor’s mental health: is it important and how to keep it up

Placement managing: how to decrease costs on supporting immovable property
Channels of medical services promotion: which are works?
How to manage image risks
How to change clients’ perception of the price and quality

The Conference schedule:
11 a.m. to 18 p.m.

• TV-discussion (jointly with “RBK-Novosibirsk”)
• Guest-lecture (special invited guest’s presentation)
• Section of reports on conference issue ( reports of different experts on Conference program)
• Express-training for the medical establishment top-managers

Conference organizer: Agency of strategic communication “B’DA”
Agency of strategic communication “B’DA” is a professional organizer of business events in Siberian region. Distinguishing feature of the agency are
• aim at business field interests
• search for a practical decision to increase a profitability
• give an overview of strategic goals to a manager

Welcome to take part in the Conference:
Directors and owners of private medical organizations, and entrepreneurs from Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Omsk, Tomsk, Barnaul.
The participation cost
6 000 rubles (for a listener: taking participation in a TV-discussion shooting, member package with conference stuff, access to experts’ presentation, coffee-break)

Attention, please! If you register to the May 1st, you will pay 4800 rubles.
12 000 rubles (the company representative participation and company’s information placement at the Confe-rence)

For further information:

Tel. +7 913 946 79 75
Fax. +7 383 246 08 47
E-mail: olisienko@askBDA.ru
Twitter: http://twitter.com/BDAnovosibirsk
www.ASKBDA.ru, Novosibirsk