We invite you to take part in Congress!

16 декабря 2009, просмотров: 7008, Категория - Итоги » строительство, недвижимость
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On February 2th and 3th in Novosibirsk, Russia as a part of the international exhibition “STROISIB” Building Congress will take place. There will be participants from Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and Altai regions.

The aim of this Congress is to unite companies, organizations, rendering services in the area of construction, consulting and engineering building maintenance as well as manufacturers and suppliers of building materials and equipment.

Participants will be upper managers of construction companies that operate in Siberia, consulting and financial companies, project management institutes, manufacturers of building materials, real estate agents, as well the state representatives that regulate operations in the area of construction.

The goal of this Congress is to provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, develop ways to expand the area of construction as well as strengthen communications between various industry branches.

Congress agenda will address the following topics:

• Main tendencies of developing construction industry
• Legislation news. Standards for territorial normative bases
• Trade and economic relations (Canada, China)
• Financial aspects of investments into construction industry
• Technologies to optimize building processes
• The distribution of local and imported materials

During this Congress the following special topics will be presented: high-altitude construction, industry’s human-recourses as well as architectural solutions.

We invite you to take part in Congress!